The Push Back

Quite often we come across people who are putting off getting started in business because they are nervous. To be honest it can be pretty terrifying. They give lots of excuses like ‘I need to do more market research’, ‘my business plan isn’t ready’, ‘my website isn’t live yet’, ‘I’ll wait to see how Brexit pans out’, etc, etc. Whilst these are all valid excuses and maybe issues you should address, we would suggest that these are in fact masking the real reason you haven’t started.

It’s time to face your fears. You’ll soon realise that its not actually as scary as you may have thought.
If you want a successful business, dream of financial independence or not having to answer to anyone else, the best time to start your business was yesterday. There is no perfect day. There is no perfect political landscape. There will be another Brexit or Donald Trump, so don’t wait for ‘things to settle’.

The only frustrating thing about starting right away is you’ll wish you’d started sooner. Stop pushing back and push forward!