Fire Yourself

People set up their own business for many different reasons, but for many its the idea of freedom that is most appealing. You can be your own boss, work on your own time, go on holiday when you like and (obviously) work all day in your PJs.

However, in reality, things don’t really work out like this.The problem with most people starting out in business is that they simply give themselves a new job. The big difference being is that everything is ten times more stressful, everything is your responsibility and there’s no-one else to fall back on. Suddenly all their freedom is gone as now rather than answering to a boss, they are answering to a client who they can’t let down. This often happens when someone sets up a business doing something they’re really good at. The problem with being really good at something is that people will want to work with you, rather than with your business.

If you’re looking to free yourself from the shackles of your desk, I believe that the most successful business to set up would actually be in an industry you’re not an expert in. That way it forces you to surround yourself with people and employees who know what they are doing, and it leaves you to think about the bigger picture rather than the day-to-day.

When setting up a business the golden rule is to look at replacing yourself as quickly as possible. Think of it at the beginning as if you are setting up a franchise model. The day-to-day should be able to run itself completely without you being around. It can be hard to put your trust in someone else, however the long term goals massively out weigh the short term anxiety.

Think to yourself, if I fired myself today would this business still run? If not, rethink how your business is structured and start looking to replace yourself. Don’t set up a business to give yourself another job. Set up a business with the intention of firing yourself one day.